WDS Y your logo matters

What makes a good logo….
A lot of people seem to think a logo is just the little graphic on the left hand corner of their website or printed materials. But for those who are truly in business to make some moolah – your logo is much, much more than just a little graphic, and it should be given a lot more thought. In short, your logo matters.  It’s the first impression people get of your business so you want to use it to grab your visitor’s attention and convey your main message quickly and easily…

So what is your main message and how do you convey it?

Well, here are a few tips:
– Match the style of your logo to your business or website design style.
– Your logo should not be clip-art, fancy words or too similar to someone else’s logo.
– Your logo should be professional, appropriate to your business, memorable, timeless and versatile.

Allow WDS, to create a professional logo for your business today!
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