A look at our


I first got into this because I was the designer. I love graphic design I love creating and designing things. I started doing mom and pop shops and graphic design, brochures and flyers and things like that. Then I started building websites on my own and I taught myself html and css.

 Transition of mindset


Around 2006 is when I really started to understand the UX design process and the importance of user centered design. (meaning, basically designing based on what I know about the user and their needs.)


Working with a team


I am a great team player… I like to build strong relationships with everyone on the team the (QA developers, product owners and not approach projects in a dictatorship fashion) meaning there’s constant communication between myself and development, I listen to their feedback they listen to mine, I listen to the product owners feedback they listen to mine and QA.  If you leave it open and let development and engineers give me feedback on things that we can change within the UI design, the process goes better and that’s how I like to approach things.

My understanding of the

ux DESIGN process

Understanding the requirements -(have a kickoff meeting with product owners) in some cases researchers are gathered for requirements

Create use cases
based on those requirements and from those use cases I’m going to build task flows and from those task flows…

Go into wireframing
and mocking up low or high fidelity and from that prototype and then get feedback from the stakeholders. Once the stakeholders are somewhat okay with this best guess approach then I work with the researchers to do some usability studies with real clients.


Thanks for reading!

Reginald Walker
– WDS Business Design Consultant